Beginning Of The End

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Told you i had a mixtape and id have to say it is a classic lol heres the link


D Pryde – Take Off

Posted in Music on May 14, 2010 by shaekwon

Take Off

So why not start things off with my latest anthem. Johnny Juliano on the beat.  Like what you hear, check out more songs @

What Up World!!

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Its the Youngin TuRich and im here with my brothers Shaekwon(head of the site) n ACEdaWon(my other brother we dont claim). Im a aspiring rapper(who isnt?) but i think im decent gotta mixtape n all but yea im 17 tryna get on my grussle(yea i said it) hoping to one day over take the rap game without selling my soul to the devil(literally) anyway much love keep checking the site . G.o.o.n.G. now unto INFINITY!!!!

Your Daily Dose of Ignorance

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What up world? I go by the name of Shaekwon, and this here is Ignorant Shit. I’m running it with my niggas Ace, & TuRich.  I ask you don’t take the name too literally, it’s Jigga inspired, and just rolls off the tongue nice.  But moving on I have an incredibly douchebag-ish sense of humor, so yea…….you maybe be offended, or maybe your a fellow asshole, and will find my attempts at humor hilarious.  This introduction was random and all over the place, but fuck it so is life.